Nationlink Holdings provides a gamut of integrated security solutions for clubs, and pub owners. We believe in ensuring a stable, long-lasting relationship with our clients and provide them with solid security solutions to protect premise, people. With Nationlink Holdings as your preferred service provider for security; you gain a set of competitive advantages, learn below how partnering us beneficially help you manage events/premises.

Nationlink Holdings’ clubs, pubs and party security features

We provide expert advice, conduct a risk assessment on premise security and deploy our trained staff that will inspect your premise and properties to ensure you can safely host functions without having to worry about security.

We provide a set of technically advanced solutions to clients so that they can relaxingly host events. Our technical expertise is designed to guide you and your event on the safest track.

Our services ensure value for money for our valued clients.

Our clubs, party and pubs security solutions are trusted by clients who need affordable yet quality security service powered by certified officers

With us as your preferred security company, you reduce investing on wrongly focused solutions


  • The security guards supplied to my events by Event Security Melbourne are the best I have ever had since my 10 years of business.

    Darren Tuffey

  • Nationlink Holdings’ security services Melbourne are a pleasure to deal with; the security guards are always professional and do their job well. I will recommend their services to any company that wishes to use their security services.

    Shane Bond

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