Internal, external and core level security arrangement assist us in building more powerful security network systems. Our crowd control service is designed to manage crowd, in a friendly yet professional manner so that your guests enjoy attending your event while the quality of event remains uncompromised

Nationlink Holdings security solutions are specifically designed to earn secured yet affordable variety of benefits to its customers. We have functional experience guiding security and stewarding for any occasions from live music concerts to exhibitions, conferences to sport events, community events to launch parties. Besides, our certified and experienced man power knows how to manage crowd. Our strength is in well managed resource and service. Below are some of the key ways we handle security solutions for crowd control system

1, Crowd management: Intelligence gathering, planning, crowd control mechanism, security arrangements for crowd, crisis management, debugging of meeting places etc.

2, Safety and security measures: Handling of electronic and technical security equipment, vulnerability and threat arrangements, proper understanding of local law enforcements, availability of medical personnel assistance

3, Other arrangements: Media handling planning, coordination with local government agencies, liaising with event organizers and coordinators, arrangements of special vehicles and specialist equipments, airport and hotel check in/out etc.

Areas of expertise:

  • All licensed venues
  • House parties
  • Music concerts
  • Private arrangements
  • Personal escorts

With us as your crowd control partner, you can stay assured of organizing trouble-free event. We leverage on the skill of our certified security professionals to offer updated security service that not just work in a volatile set but perform, outperform!

To learn more about our crowd control systems and solutions, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with us.


  • The security guards supplied to my events by Event Security Melbourne are the best I have ever had since my 10 years of business.

    Darren Tuffey

  • Nationlink Holdings’ security services Melbourne are a pleasure to deal with; the security guards are always professional and do their job well. I will recommend their services to any company that wishes to use their security services.

    Shane Bond

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